Can we expect a change in meta?


@kalishane can we expect a change in the meta in the near future. Near future meaning like before the end of the year. The last 4 wars have been an awful drag. Same exact team after same exact team. I can’t handle another 3 months of fighting Mirabelle and Carl teams.

I have told my faction I am not warring anymore until the meta changes which I don’t foresee happening anytime soon. Can we have a clearer timeline of scopelys plan? I hate giving up on this game but there’s literally no point in playing anymore… I can open my app in 2 weeks worth of time for war and nothing will be different… please save the game!!!


I hope there is to some extent – I feel your pain with all the Carl’s and Mirabelles all the time – whether it’s too hard for players or feels stale – it would be awesome to get there by end of year.

That being said – I don’t expect it to get there with how holidays normally are – people travel home and there’s time off, etc. It will probably happen more so in the beginning of 2018 with the 5*s we’re expecting to become ascendable!


It’s not “too hard” for players, it’s just plain boring now.

95% of people are running the same teams, not because they want to. It’s because that’s what they have to use.


What does the beginning of 2018 mean? January? February? March? First quarter? Second quarter? The beginning of 2018 could mean any time in the first half of the year.


There were lots of Erika leads last war, so there is a slight change to the Meta.

There is the normal meta
Carl/Mira/ Zeke

and there is the Whale meta

Erika, Erika, Vincent, Maggie, Hershel Yvette etc…

At least Erika was something different, but she was very beatable with standard Tyreese teams.

I got some decent defends once I started using my unleveled Erika but it was mostly from RNG and the fact that people were not used to her.

Like when Carl first came out, people would lose because they didn’t understand 4 Andreas would not work.


Carl, Zeke, Michonne(shield), Negan, Shiva
Carl, Zeke, Lee(shield), Negan, Shiva
Carl, Zeke, Shiva, Sr Zeke, Negan

Mirabelle, Tyreese, Siddiq, Zeke, Michonne(shield)
Mirabelle, Jesus(revive), Tyreese, Abraham, Yumiko
Mirabelle, Yumiko, Tyreese, Zeke, Shiva

something like this for every who don´t spend too much on this game … I have faced similar to this kind of team in whole war ( in this war and almost all war happened since 6* started) … except for thoses games spenders ( top factions ), probably have more variables toons like Erika, Alpha, Hershel(6* red), Gov (6*red).

The fact is … when you face it for 1 - 20 times, that is ok … but when you face it for all 2 war day … come on … this is fuxxxx bored !!

I 100% prefer old time , when everyone expecting what or which new 5* as war reward, and when we thought how to combinate different 5* or 4* to build a offensive and deffensive team. and when we had a lot of choices, options, strategys.

those exciting time is gone … now I see my roster and trying to lv up my no ascendable 5* … and I ask to myself … " WHY ? "

well … no more comment for $copely … !!