Can we end this SEARCH WAR


The search time determines who wins, this is ridiculous! no more wars please.


Well, at least there is another blitz war as soon as this one is over.


can we cancel that one too? It’s not fun, it’s irritating


EDIT: I meant to reply in general, not directly to you @Tyr-sweden, sorry.

I’ve always thought that instead of trying to determine what a good match-up would be using a complex algorithm, Scopely should just have tiered wars.

For example, use the algorithm to determine who the top 1-10 factions are, put them in a pool and just match them up on a first come first serve basis. Do the same for 11-20, 21-30, etc. The number of factions in the tiers can be adjusted as needed for lower populated factions, but you get the idea.


I am not a big fan of blitz war, not many people seems to, since they have bad rewards and are duting the middle of the week. Can deal with one every now and then, but two in a row is just not a good thing. I love war, but blitz wars are not a good a good thing. At least that is my opinion and most others I have talked to from my region


That is actually a good idea. S


Not a bad idea, but any faction that is ranked 8-10th would probably end up finishing 15th place at best, as they would get destroyed against the big boys, where any team that ranks 11th if in an active enough region could end up challenging the top factions for a top 3 spot due to only facing factions weaker than them. that is using your 1-10 etc.

on another note, there was a thread with somebody asking for help restoring their account, for a minute I thought it was gong to be you :slight_smile:


Good point. Maybe there should be a handicap of sorts to help balance that out. Like the bottom factions could have a point multiplier or something. It’s tough to figure out for sure.

Regarding the account restoration, I have more dignity than that lol. I know for a fact they can’t reverse an account nuke like that, so it’s really the best way to go out if you’re 100% committed to quitting.


Yeah there would have to be some sort of handicap system put in place, I think what they are trying with bands isn’t a bad idea in theory. but there is variables that need to be thought of, if its the whole war parties strength does that also count reserves etc, as that could be bumping some war parties rating up massively and meaning that they don’t have anybody to match with. There must be something which is causing some factions to have massive wait times.

I knew it wasn’t you, but did think it might be the sort of thread you could start to see the reactions. I know I would be tempted if I had quick in such spectacular fashion, I haven’t been able to watch your video I know it would be too painful, as despite playing for 2 years my roster would have had no chance against yours 4 months ago.