Can we do something about dupes please?

Just pulled two winter token pulls at the same time, both davies. A faction mate pulled two consecutive blue zekes, within minutes of each other, another has pulled 3 yellow betas from this event. It’s ridiculous really that the pull mechanic is such garbage


I agree this is unexcptable … the dupes on this game are complety out of hand


If it was dupe violets or dupe michonnes, probably wouldn’t bitch. It’s not a dupe problem, it’s a “certain toon” problem


2 davies looks like heaven compared to pulling 2 harlans. The only thing i like these wheel events for is because it makes war more fun and competitive people try more keeps the game going for me.


Let me clarify my point, pulling the same toon in the same pull is bs, I pull dupes regularly with only a little grumbling.

Pulling the exact same toon in the same pull of which it was only two, is kind of a slap in the face in my opinion.


2 davies look ghey, my aris looks like sh*+ :poop:

But if it was a double shield Jesus though. Would you still feel that slap?


My fac mate pulled 3 Harlan lol I got a Dante and Alpha which I already had 2 Dantes and 1 Alpha

This was my point. I feel the OP is more mad it was 2 Davie’s but if it had been 2 of a more desirable toon like shield jesus, Lydia, etc. Wouldn’t be here posting


Yes, they would but instead of a complaint post, it would be a, “Hey guys I just pulled two Lydias. Is she any good?” bs fake humble brag post. :smirk:


Ding ding ding… u nailed it

Should just make everything available for purchase with different amounts. Rng is just such a disgrace. Or keep the wheel but also sell violet and michonne for 240. Take your pick. There’s just no way to progress in this game with some of this rng… and yes that includes if you spend.


Oh please tell me more about what I think.

No doubt two Jesus pulls would be nice to have, but two separate pulls.
My original point still stands getting the same toon in the same pull should be preventable. But obviously you folks know more about what I mean then I do… Jfc

There is something awfully fishy about the rate of dupes… You’d give the RNG the benefit of the doubt …except … Scopely was involved.


A few days ago I got 2x 6s Mackenzie from that wheel when collecting at the same time, similar to your Davies.

Imo it’s bugged, somehow retrieved the same value back to back. Too low of odds for it to not be a bug.

16 available assuming flat odds
6.25% x 6.25% = 0.39% chance of recurring duplicate.

In my case there’s a further likelihood reduction due to the chance at a 6s.

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The dupe toon thing is weird 2 Harlans and i remember the “not so lucky”… “lucky” toks fuked me and gave me 3 red jesus’s back to back lol i just want to know the odds

Each character pull is an individual event.

Bugged assumes no intent.


i like getting any ascendables
idc if dupe

Start complaining when you pull 2 trash characters.

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