Can we change the rest period for next crw?

Please change the rest period for WoC qualification for the 11/15 war to 11/29. The weekend of the 29th is Thanksgiving weekend. Activity will be at it’s lowest. It makes sense to just swap.

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We warred through St Patrick’s Day. No stopping for Thanksgiving.


American holidays seem to not have war sure last year it got postponed because of it

November 2018 calendar shows that it wasn’t a war weekend by regular rotation. Maybe they altered the rotation the month before?

Thanksgiving is only an American holiday


I’ll be off work eating turkey and warring not much sounds better!! Getting up early for Black Friday so I can fill for my faction.

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Ill be home and warring on thanksgiving. I work at the ER I’m on continuous call, so for my 3 worry free days, I can’t think of a better way to pass my time. Im American and I’m all for warring over the holidays. Best time!!!

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I’m American and it will be perfect for that weekend I think.

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I agree!

Uh why do Americans get to dictate everything?

Europeans don’t complain that nothing much happens at all over Christmas when we’re all stuffing our faces with turkey for days on end and would like to war.

@Aries123 - I hear ya and your concern around the Thanksgiving weekend. As you know the end of the year tends to be really busy and shuffling dates around is always tricky if we want to propose a nice and balanced experience to all our players across the planet.


Yeah its not thanks giving here… Plus nothing ever gets switched up for us euro !!

Are you an animal?

Weekend for the 15th Nov war includes such holidays as National Fast Food Day, International Day of Tolerance, National Baklava Day and National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day.

If you think those who celebrate those revered festivals should be made to war through their sacred events in favour of this “thanksgiving” malarkey then maybe you need to take a hike (perhaps on Sunday 17th November which is National Take a Hike Day)!


Идея! пускай в странах в которых есть день благодарения, войны не будет! а остальные пускай воюют. Проблема решена!

Idea! let in countries in which there is Thanksgiving, there will be no war! and let the rest fight. The problem is solved!

Didn’t you guys move the war off thanksgiving weekend though?

The rest period was scheduled on 11/15 but we have decided to push the following dates for the WoC II by a week.

So in the end, correct @Rickygrimes, the Qualification CRW that was meant to happen on the 11/29 got moved to the 12/06.


What?!? How can you justify starting a war on the day which Quito was founded? Or making us war through National Farmer’s Day in Ghana, Small Business Day in the UK, National Gazpacho Day, Fake Fur Friday (weirdly on a Saturday this year) and of course, Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day?

Lost. Your. Minds.


If they dont change war for labour day they wont for thanksgiving.

WAIT a minute… What holiday is biggest

And 6 Dec is Constitution Day in Spain. Maybe someone is afraid of Spanish factions?

Lol I NEVER said to cancel war at all. I just said to switch the qualification date to the war before, so those that do have families stay in town throughout the weekend dont have to worry about not spending time with them. There was wars the weekend of 11/15 and 11/29. For those that are trying to qualify for WOC, the 29th was the score that would have counted, not the 15th. No one asked to cancel war altogether.