Can we buff Mackenzie now?

Since there is an never ending list of new toons with paragraph long Rush/Active, and Mackenzie is the only all around status remover, can we buff her a little more to make her useful. Maybe change her to a faster AR? Retribution is one of the more useless specialist skills, so it wouldn’t make her op by any means. @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely .

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The topic is pretty much you owning mackenzie and not having new toons.


Or it could be just trying to keep defense up to pace with offense.

Retribution can turn the tide of the game, so not useless.


Looks at meta
Sees mckensie

Don’t give scopley ideas on how to increse gap thx you

Scopely’s whole business strategy is forcing you to pay to keep up with new attack/defense teams. They aren’t going to buff old toons.


Might want to buff trash toons too then like winter jesus or yellow barker lol. Why Mackenzie in particular? She is not even one of the worse 6* even comparing to the other old premier.

As someone said its all aboit getting you to buy the newest stuff. Balancing doesnt exist here, only power creeping

Did you even read my post? She recover all penalties. Too many trolls on here.

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And that doesn’t mean she needs to be buffed… She’s fine as she is right now, other characters as stated already need to be buffed. Such as yellow Barker, yellow Negan, etc.

Yeah I read it and you want to lower her AR which isnt even high (76 is not even bad), her rush is strong as you said it recovers all penalities. Yeah retribution isnt the best but its not bad though.

Sooooo, what the fook?

Can every toon I own and just my copy of it be buffed and every toon I don’t own please get a debuff. Thank you. :wink:

Kidding aside how about making Tripp ascendable. A 50% heal and he also recovered all penalties to everyone. He was a fantastic toon back in the glorious 5-star days. He deserves a 6-star version.


Don’t leave Gabriel out!

They need to introduce a new type of trainer to upgrade/buff older 6* toons.

And one to make your non-ascendable versions of ascendables 6*. Could be a nice little earner.

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