Can we be serious for a second?


I rarely ever posted in the old forums … maybe two or three times total. But I would REALLY love to understand the logic behind these “prizes” lately. Come on Scopely, do we actually need a Poll System for you to realize that we don’t like and can’t use a Red Clementine?? It’s absurd.

You can’t keep treating your customers like idiots forever. Sometimes I really feel like you want us to quit lol


Keep in mind, over the past 2 years Scopely has created and released at least 100 awesome Premiere 5*s

So why in the hell would you still be giving out Supply Depot toons as rewards??


I can tell you the reason. The prizes are constantly bad because the people in charge to decide about prizing do not read the forums !!! Only a very very minor part of our complains reaches them, that’s why we see some improvement from time to time


Worst prizing I’ve seen, and stupid milestones. Most of my faction is taking the weekend off.


See, I would like to believe you …because, let’s face it, the alternative is that they are doing it on purpose lol

But there’s still a piece of the puzzle missing. Like I said man, they’ve pumped out sooo many great Premiere 5s in the past 2 years, yet all of those great toons are constantly overlooked when choosing rewards (Despite the fact that almost every 5 is damn near obsolete already).

Anyways, I get it. I’m never going to get a straight answer from the company, even though in many game forums it would be very possible … I just feel like we shouldn’t keep playing along with the charade. You don’t need a Poll System to figure out that Red Clementine sucks lol. A 5 year old could figure that out all by themself.


My personal guess for the poor prize selection is the usual motivation…money. There are still 5* that are featured as “increased chance” and “2x chance” pulles (e.g. blue Carl) and people still spend their cash pulling for them.

Would YOU pay cash money for red Clem? No? Well there’s your prize…


I agree, there isn’t a real reason why red clementine was thrown into prizing structure. There are so many more usable characters than her. Unless…she is an ascendable character that they haven’t talked about yet…but nevertheless, everyone will fight to stay 1 or 3-10.


I wont.


What ? No. Our Region is in holiday mode. We aborted running ygl’s and everything.


If that’s the reason, and Red clem is going to be ascendable one day, it would help it they maybe told us that? :rofl:

If I ended up with her she would be the first one being dumped as Ascendance fodder tbh


So your saying that with poor rewards people won’t spend on the tournaments and spend in pulls instead?


Poor rewards make people less likely to spend in all areas, because why try to build a better team if rewards are always trash?


2 more 2 yr veterans just left our faction and retired. That’s 5 in 2 weeks in my faction alone. This has become an epidemic bc Scopely is trying to get away with being cheap during the worst possible time for it, when many are angry about the 6* power jet pack boost and have already had just about enough of all the bs week after week, tourney after tourney. You can’t piss people off and then smooth it all over being offering them a big bowl of shit to eat. Sad thing is I think it’s only the beginning.


Driving people out, prob not spending as much and thet want to just push out the players who lined their wallets and replace them with new bigger spenders. Money money money and by the way the milestones are basically a big fuck you.