Can we all just

Lower defenses for hordes? Just for milestones and whatnot. My cards are just all rubbish. #1 in my league already has 70ishk lol. I ain’t coining a refill. Just want the milestones.



It would be for the best. Lower defenses ftw.

Why sap the challenge out of everything?


It would but tbh not many come here, people are all over using these forums, another rts forums, line, wechat, kik, and some just in game chat so you would have to get the word around to all and even then, lots of people wouldnt lower defense

No different than lowering for raids, and your region does that.

I doubt it would ever work. It would be nice to see but you’ll get the people stuck in demotion refusing to drop so they can leapfrog, then the people that got leapfrogged will be pissed off and stop dropping d to leapfrog them. And the ones at the top are typically all about the glory so why would they help their league opponents.

No. Hordes you don’t get to choose opponent, raid if you wanted a challenge you can just cycle around.

We’ve a brand new tourney, how are you supposed to learn the mechanics when you want a pushover 5 Bennys that you can auto? Go play the first 5 levels of Candy Crush repeatedly if you want want mindless gameplay


I put up 5 Benny’s , personal choice if ppl want to lower, I see no harm. Milestones are not realistic

This whole game is mindless gameplay lol. Let’s not get carried away and act like there is any real strategy involved in this game. Everything is ez.

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Well you obviously aren’t doing so hot in hordes…

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You get points for defending :man_shrugging:t3:


Winning more than losing. But it’s not that hard really.

If you honestly think this game takes real strategy then you don’t play many strategy games.

Your right those 250 points are really gonna skyrocket me to the top milestone :joy::joy::joy:

I am starting to understand what I’m doing now but I just wanna keep playing faster refills are a must imo


Kappa you are a madman that needs stopping with these wild fantasies of a perfect world I fear for you when life knocks on your door and pokes you in the eye I pity you fool

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:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: ikr thought I’d throw in another stupid comment sorry Jaxie lol

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Definitely, they should’ve been more liberal with the energy in the very first one. The problem is that people are coming to judgements quicker than grips with the mechanics

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Even your beloved axels can’t save you

Why do you look so familiar??? :thinking:

I am one of them, just really wanna get stuck into it but refills stopping progress :frowning: