Can we address the levelling issue and link to competitiveness please?

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Hi guys, just tagging you into this one.

It’s of no surprise to you I’m sure as there has been a fair bit of talk about this for a while. But I just wanted to share some perspectives that my faction and others have experienced of late. This is coming from a mid-spender.

War is becoming really difficult to be competitive in, unless you have a certain few characters, like S Priya to combat the bevy of Petes we are seeing now. Some in our faction don’t have Priya yet and have really struggled this war.

The shard based collections for s class characters are a big improvement and a step in the right direction imo. We have been grinding hard to get them, but the issue for a lot of us is once you finally get one character, let alone two, that are required for the s class collection, it is very difficult to get these characters maxed considering costs with trainers and gear. This is then compounded by the costs of levelling s class once you have them.

Could we potentially have a way to buy trainers in groups from the league store? I know they’re available in the depot, but their cost is quite expensive. Especially in the SR depot. Either this or have a consistent event that allows us more avenues to get trainers and gear?

Thanks for considering.


Completely agree.

Would like to add to this part:

The fact that levelling Sclass doesn’t grant you more level up points than a 6 star yet requires a lot lot more trainers, food and gear, further compounds what you are saying.

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Whole game economy is completely broken and Scopely dont want to fix it, as they want to sell their trainer and gear offers!


Maybe they should have thought about going for Priya rather than Pete first? Keys and cones were the first 2 items to come out, and this past crw I saw many people in factions below rank 50 with Pete lead defense.

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Yeah fair point @Karl_Vella although they committed earlier to toons like James and Laopo as their rosters were more melee-centric and as the chocolate cakes have been really easy to come by with the level up and raid prizes, it was a reasonable decision at the time.

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