Can we address how bad a joke the Medals are?

People thought this was a ‘fantastic’ and ‘amazing’ event.
Yet you can only get the damn medals from Solo LU. That’s means even if you place Top 50 in EVERY level up until the event ends you can only get Jeremiah.
It’s honestly disgusting and makes the entire month it runs for an absolute waste for anyone but the damn whales. Cut your losses, shut the damn event down. It’s a farce


I’m F2P and won first. Stop saying LUs are a whale/spending event. They aren’t.

Also, this event is clearly meant to be a substitute for the types of rewards we normally get for LU. Hence, the medals are only available via LU. If this event didn’t run, we’d still be back to the same “top 3 for ascendable 5*” in LU.

The types of events you like are the ones that are more closely related to the current “Pick Your Path” event or Winter Token events, which are more unique in nature.


With a normal LU you usually at least get some 5* tokens though, I get 3000-5000 per which I’d prefer to this current system where when all is said and done I’m likely to get nothing


So don’t level up?

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No we cant do that, what we can do is sweep it under the rug, pretend this is amazing, say things like save up and get good. This is a whale event, even if you get lets say 10 mil, someone can get 11 mil last minute and screw you over and that is something this community cant seem to admit and instead will say things like manage resources better. If you are in a region with some big whales, you are screwed.

This event is a joke, i accepted the fact i wasnt getting any toon from this when it started, its simple math and understanding how people are in this game, people that have 20 erics will try for 1st place just to screw over others but all in all no this event is amazing, manage resources better, praise our lord scopely! :hugs:


Jeremiah and Yvette easily outclass any of the 5s that you would have obtained via 5 tokens. There’s going to multiple solo LUs over the course of the entire month, so even if you can’t get Yvette or only get Jeremiah, it is still better than what you would have gotten from 5* tokens.

They’re giving players multiple opportunities to earn medals, multiple different and amazing characters to pick from(disregarding Eric’s availability via other means if the same format is used in the future), and no RNG in the grand scale of things of what’s happening. This event is far from being terrible or a bad joke to the majority of the player base.


I’d take a chance at alpha instead tbh


Why does everyone seem to dislike “whales” lol


Actually noone cares about whales except whales, not even scopely, especially scopely.
RTS big spenders creating posts on forums about themselves just to find motivation to keep playing imho


Definitely a whale event. Number 1 in my region had close to 10 million on the 1st one. I had 500k. While the lowest you needed to get to be top 50 was 1.5 million.

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I’m gonna attempt for about 5m in the next one as I’ll have 5 fresh T4 6* but I still doubt that’ll even be Top 3 :’L

Depends on your region but tbh i wouldnt bother unless you can hit like 8 mil and even then have enough to pop out another 1 or 2 mil cause as i said people in this game will wait last minute and go all out just to screw you over even if they have many Eric’s and Yvettes

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10Mil is easy for F2P. I scored 7Mil and I didn’t even touch any of my queues. And for the first few LUs, scores will be high. The following LU after the one that I won first ended at 3-4Mil I think.

The toons in the museum are all so so anyway except eric which could be bought in the depot.

Lol I said it from the start lol terrible event

This event sucks… maybe if you are in a dead region sure. But to get top 10 in my region, which is honestly considered low pop) it was over 3 million. So to get Yvette, you need to score 3 million in in 6 out of 8. And I think it’s the opposite of what some are predicting, the scores will rise towards the end when people see that they need to get a top 10 or top 3 finish.

The fact that around 30 players per region (and that’s being VERY NICE) can obtain Eric makes this a tough event. Sure the occasional f2p can win a tournament, but that’s rare.


There’s no need to get Eric from this event, however, because he’s available via depot/ascendance. Yvette and Jeremiah are the real prizes here.

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Level ups have nothing to do with being f2p. I run 2 constant tg and prep toons to be t4 level 1 as 5* and 6*. The level ups I’ve won I haven’t spent anything. They give trainers away daily almost. So not sure how this is a whale event. This is an event for people who actually grind and manage resources.


Yes. One level up is fine… but this is a level up marathon. You need to do it for 8 level ups in a row.


I would rather not leave it to rng which is why I’m oushing so hard to get him in this event.