Can we accept that CRW is just a bad idea?


It’s not fun and its never been fun.
Let’s drop this waste of time or give regions the option for AoW instead.


I agree right now due to transfers but ditching crw hell no I dont agree with. Only event we actually get gps/canteens garunteed in.


Who would have thought that 8 regions fighting for the same prize structure that was given for 2-4 regions would be fun?? #cancelwarforever


What GPS/Canteen?


I’m having fun!


The canteen/gps we arw garunteed in nearly every crw. If you score top 25.


but now there aint any lol


Seriously. 2 energy to take a totally overpowered tower. Miss it at the start , game over. Want it back? Waste 2 energy. Want to continue to fight? Burn a can, which you pay for cause they aint droppin… This game has gone straight up pay to win. Actually, pay to play, cause ftp cannot compete anymore. I have never been closer to being done. If I play past this weekend’s bullshit crw, it’ll be a fucking miracle… Eat Shit $copely, you greedy rat bastards… 3 year player, ready to say fuck it…


Huh? Taking towers does not require u to be p2w. And can drops have never been an issue for me but I guess other people do get them as often as I do.


A CRW of this length is the single worst event ever. My faction has had a tougher time getting in the queue (very very fast queue times) than beating the #2 faction. Everyone wants those milestones and prove himself.


I’d pit up with it for gps and canteens but three aren’t any


I couldn’t agree more with these prize structures crw is stupid and now with the regions merging the highly populated regions need a prize restructuring as well because frankly who wants to bust there ass of shit prizes @JB.Scopely


I guess that the final goal is not to have a decent prize structure. Its more having enough random players to give p2w players the sensation of being 1st in a global event.
Random players, aka f2p, are not considered because they are just the litter for p2w players.
Many p2w games do this …


I like crw. But whoevers idea it was to split it to two seperate wars is an idiot :confused:


I don’t know what you guys thinking. Please delete this shitty forum. You guys don’t realize the good ideas (justin and just a box f. e.), you make whatever you want.

That crw was a mind opener. Thanks alot. Have fun to kiddin’ and lie to your customers they made you a big player in the f2p buisness. You can’t except a penny of mine.



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