Can Thursday Roadmaps


Double 4* weapons part map, and 4 various gear maps.
Hope you saved up some cans from Blitz War!


Thanks for giving scopely the heads up


Lmao. Clearly a mistake with the double roadmaps parts. Now maintenance during war


Double 4-star parts map. Man, they really want us to burn through our cans.

Can Thursday’s are no joke.


Could they not have just left them both up until after war?


Server maintenance is gone and I still have both maps


They should give every player that was on right when the maintenece happen a free Lori and 8 benidicts for compensation and if you weren’t on you get nada


why can’t people just STFU for once…


100% Agree, for once let the players get alittle something extra. I mean we are already being put into a position of Pay or don’t complete many milestones. Let us have a little freebie and shut the **** up.


Thanks for letting me know :slight_smile:


What’s there to shut up about? They gave us another energy heavy map on Thursday, their can heaviest day. I don’t care what the map is, it is a deliberate move by the company.
But thank you scopely for giving me another chance at duct tape and polishing kits. I need them badly.


or… the dude who pushes the event buttons fell asleep at the wheel again giving us an unplanned opportunity to double our booty from the weekly parts map (with abysmal drop rates for extra DT/ PK).


If this is a mistake, Scopely will know.
I don’t think we need a thread to know that there is two weapons roadmap running. That’s only for retards. Open the game and look at the roadmap.
People should stfu sometimes.


Keep dreaming. Every Thursday is not only jam-packed it has the most energy-heavy maps that need to be run.

Friday through Sunday there is literally nothing going on. The weapons part could be moved to here or even to Tuesday.

We know what the are trying to do. It’s crystal clear.


Again. This thread wasn’t about a second 4* part roadmap. Read. Its about how they go heavy on one particular day. If I knew so many people on an online forum couldn’t read or comprehend I would not have made a post.


Posting a screenshot clearly showing the double weapon roadmap is just a stupid move if it wasn’t planned by Scopely. I hope people can farm it fast before they remove it, thanks to people like you.


I’m curious old great one … what are they trying to do


Might as well call it #ThirstyThursdays bc im refilling a lot :tropical_drink:


I like that better than Can Thursdays


Over an hour in and one site maintenance down and it is still there. Who says they didn’t intend to have both?