Can this added in to the game?



If it is added, can your graphic be used?

ETA: I love how she has both a leader skill and a specialist skill!


andrea has to have both to og.


add active skill bc she is 6* :slight_smile: or she will be too week lol


andrea is never week.


all of 5* are week after 6* coming, just wasted money if u still want 5*


Hey, Andrea, send nukes


someone does not get the joke 9bd76702c805ca03848e0a6b21f15fc5


Love the specialist skill!




jajajaja u make my day


Her AS should be “Next” and instakilling whoever attacking her after activation of it


if get attacked after AS activated instant kill that attacker plus up to 4 other enemys?


“Nuke - When an enemy is killed, Everyone in the battlefield dies.”