Can there be a update from pc please

Thought I was going mad that Arenas was completely banjax’d last weekend & that it was completely ignored on here by Scope.

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Can’t answer that for you unfortunately. That’s not something we’ve been tasked with. JB will be your best advocate for that.

Surely as reps of the players community you can ask about that for us?

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely anything? Multiple threads on here while it happened & after the event? One notification that scores would be ‘corrected’ after the event.

Any word on what the daoist beads are for?

Not the answer i was expecting. I appreciate your honesty though.
With all due respect if JB or GR had been that efficient in communicating f2p community problems to Scopely and rectifying at quickest, we wouldn’t have to make a PC to get stuff sorted. They always been trying to evade and ghost F2p concerns. I wouldn’t say anymore than this. Have a good day.


As LG said, she’s told them about the missing roadmaps but we can only go so far. That’s why I said JB would probably be your best route.

I appreciate this LG, but my main concern about those missing roadmaps is that those ascension medals and gears are never compensated to us, only the upcoming week’s roadmaps are promised to be put back to schedule. Happened in the past too. If they had fairly and timely compensate the gear and medals, missing those roadmaps due to human error wont sting as much.

JB and GR usual response have been to take those f2p past concerns, hide them under the rug. Like i said to LG, my main concern was not to nag them about missing constantly roadmaps but for getting proper compensation for those roadmap items whenever the roadmaps go missing, that way missing roadmaps wont sting much.

Totally get it bro. If I had the power to get you those answers I would in a heartbeat. PC just doesn’t have that kind of info. However, we can and do voice this directly with them on a daily basis. It’s up to the powers of Scopely to act.

Yes PC has the power, its harder for Scopley’s CMs to ignore and ghost PC.
Besides, PC has successfully gotten compensations in the past.
Its upto PC being community representatives if they think missing roadmap medals/gears and proper compensation is a good enough concern meant to be raised to Scopely or not. My motive as a community member was to raise this query to PC, which is done now.

I think you guys have been doing some great work. Thanks. Unfortunately scopely always takes your suggestions and twists them a bit.

Few issues I think I would like to be brought up please.

P2P side:

  • comics collections need to be addressed
  • communication on when the torches roadmaps will officially end

F2p side:

  • war scaling is still awful or non existent
  • keys as rank rewards are not good. Should be in milestones as originally brought up by scopely.

Only posting because I think this needs repeating.
This is a view a huge amount of the player base holds.

Worth noting that it’s not just F2P but anyone outside of mega spenders on elite Line chat. But yes, F2P are hit the worst with the shoddy communication.
(Not saying all members of elite Line chat are mega spenders btw)

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Glad you brought it up then.

September 26 is 60days after PlayersUnited started and generally agreed to be the deadline for Scopely to demonstrate they understand their errors and make the game better.

While there may be daily PlayersCouncil
Meetings… But it doesn’t sound like there is notable progress.

You and they should be aware that many are going to be making a decision based on what they see on Sept 26…

Based on these forum surveys… Players ain’t buying their efforts.

You may wanna emphasize urgency next meeting to #closethegap


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The same people that knew shit b4 knows shit now…nothing new …move on…lol

Kook is my favorite troll

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