Can there be a update from pc please

pc has just been quiet for a few days unless i am missing a post from them but can we have a update of discussion topics and any news of progress or maybe some bit of hope for changes to come soon thank you :slightly_smiling_face: and apologies if this is been posted and i just missed it

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Yes, i been wondering the same.

There’s really not much to report right now other than what you’ve heard directly from Scopely. The new S Class event drops today for your shot at a damage S Class toon. What updates are you specifically looking for so I can get you some answers?

thank you for the response i am asking what is the current discussions happening what is going to be done for improvements what is the pc wanting scopely to do next short term and what is going to be done before the 26 of september

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Cough region waves … Cluster fudge cough


I’ll be honest, 3 weeks doesn’t sound like a long time to right the ship, particularly considering the missteps theyve taken in the opposite direction… And how they’ve responded to PC

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As of now, basic game play updates are going to be the topic of discussion next week. That entails content such as Roster caps, Player levels, ect. I believe the stuff we will be discussing is what will go into what we want scopely to do short term. And I am not sure what 9/26 is. There wasn’t a deadline given by them. If you’re referring to the 30-60 day updates from their address to PU, then that can also vary because they never gave a direct deadline. I can push however.

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How often does the council meet with Scope?

We speak to them daily.

First week there was a big announcement about the meeting & what was discussed / to come from it. This week nothing (unless I missed it) ?

eh, FTFY

Edit: come on, that was tongue in cheek :slight_smile: We have had good discussions with them.


Oh girllll I see what you did dere…

This week’s topics are as @Brucey noted. We needed some extra time to pull the info together, though, due to some issues over the weekend, the short week because of the US holiday, and a lot of us deeply engaged in region transfers concerns.

This week’s ascension medals roadmap been awol and Scopely been very lethargic in their response to rectify it, only response after numerous reminders from players have been that next week’s roadmaps will be up. But no mention of this week’s missing medals and proper compensation for it. I know many spenders dont bother with those roadmaps, but for us F2p those roadmap medals are a valuable resource, any plans for PC to help the community in this issue seeing PC had positive role in past compensations?


There should be an update from PC once or twice a month stating issues being looked at, but they are just players. They arent the company, they arent paid by the company and they face a lot of backlash because of this. Leave them be for now so they can be the best advocates for the players that they can be.


I want to say @JB.Scopely is the route you want to take for that as we wouldn’t be able to answer compensation or the simple why those are missing kind of answers.

Last response was from Scope don’t expect anything from PC.

thank you for the response i hope that a player from pc can do a update of the information like this maybe once a week or every other week to keep us informed of progress :slightly_smiling_face:

I do nag them for missing roadmaps, I’ll bring up the concerns for ftp and the importance of being able to run basic events consistently.

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Are they planning to compensate us in anyway for the clusterfuck that was arenas recently? I messages in game support multiple times and was told it’s being looked into and got no response for days and then the ‘we are looking at it’ generic response.

Also, what is the crack with Chihuahua plush’s were we just lied to?

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