Can the final fantasy offer be completed more than once?


I already did the reach 10k power one, but it popped up again for 100k power, level 10 citadel, and level 6 citadel.
don’t want to bother if they dont pay out


Nope they dont


I’ve done several final fantasy offers and been rewarded. I uninstall the game inbetween usually


ok so if i uninstall, click the offer, do it, i get rewarded?


I can’t say for certain if it will work. But I know I’ve done several FF offers. I’m doing the 100k one right now


level 6 one did not work
oh well


Also I think you can only look at one at a time in tapjoy. If you open up several it will show them under your reward wall as not rewarded but if there are multiple from one game there, I think only 1 will apply.


Hi, just a quick piece of advice on this one…

Uninstalling and reinstalling to do this is against Tapjoy’s terms and could result in, not only not getting the incentive, but also be banned from future offers they might have.


Interesting. I just uninstall because the game takes up space. Not my fault if Tapjoy continually shows offers from the same game. They should give out offers to people ineligible. But then again there are other companies who do worse things with their “offers”


Also I’ve had offers on Tapjoy for FF that are even intended for me to start playing again on an existing game. Even after removing the game it stores last progress, when I download again it’s back to where I was. Not sure how that breaks any ToS.


I’ve gotten new phones or had repairs done in the past and after reinstalling the offer was there again once I got my phone back.


It also seems to be against Tapjoy’s terms to not pay out on legitimately completed offers so for most players I doubt that being banned by them is much of an issue. For example:

Never downloaded/played Lords Mobile before, jumped through I don’t know how many hoops to get my castle to 12 and literally the moment I do it’s marked failed. I go to contact support, attach the relevant screenshots, and don’t even get a reply but apparently my case was “reviewed” and summarily denied with no reason given.

I remember back when I started playing RTS and Tapjoy actually had e-mail support, they would eventually pay out on (legit) unpaid offers if you harangued them enough about it, now that it’s built in via this “offer wall” they are completely removed from the customer as they have zero accountability and just deny completed offers on a whim. There’s a reason they have a 1* rating on Trustpilot, scam artists of the highest caliber.


I tried to repeat I when I got a new device, not with malicious intent… Was reviewed and denied.


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