Can the armory be updated please

with how all these new toons have these stupidly overpowered uncraftable weapons, can the armory at least get a slight facelift? so many useless things in the armory.


Yes please

it doesn’t even have to be op. just something of value. i dont think they’ve touched the armory in months.

It can be stiff like “bonus atk when hp is above 70%”. Just something new to make things interesting. Maybe even confuse or taunt on atk/def.

There are bonus attack to characters over 70%hp


Yeah the bleed is useless now well actually always has been but even more so now
definitely could use a buff and seeing some new crafts would be nice. It’s something they should’ve thought about implementing when they released these special toons, but it’s Scopely.

Keep Survivin’!

That William special trait weapon would be broke on any other shield no thanks I paid good and hard for that pull

Id love to see updates in armory. More like a 60attack buff to over 70%hp. Or 200 bleed, used with white shiva or davie and bleed mods would be massive damage. People underestimate the value of bonus attack in slot 3. It can greatly speedup your attack teams.

I don’t mean you guys should have your purchases devalued, I just want the armory to be less craptacular. pretty much as it is, only stun and abs def seems to be any good in the armory.


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