Can’t use 2* to farm with?


So now we can’t even use 2* characters to farm with? Wtf scopely?


It’s an issue cause I like to farm with out using AR. not sure why it had to be an issue that we ban 2* and 6* characters.


Nice idea, never thought of doing that. Would speed up auto farming considerably:)


:wink: you’re welcome


Will a team of 2* be able to complete elite gear roadmaps?


The bigger issue is we cant use 6*s. Really dumb that we can use them for the rifle map but not for the elite one.


You can use toons like 4stars fast siddiq lead, fast glen, or 5star bluegene. Toons with an AR that only triggers when you take damage. Dr Stephens would work.



Good point. Forgot about that. But I like my Ulysses army.


I like to farm bootcamp and gloves map with trainers because it is faster on auto without ARs.