Can’t see wayland museum collection

It doesn’t come up in the museum

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Okay nevermind I just discovered it was under the event mission tab. Close this

well he is pretty much rendered useless by tye later tonight so hopefully you’re not trying to get him


Nope I don’t spend anymore anyways but I did get lucky and got 20k coins from the box which then I polled doc Stevens and another 5/6 5*


Dont think Tye is going to be plentiful, looks like he is aquired same way S version Pete was, but i guess we will see in a few hours and can start the 15 threads whining about him or how to get him.

he will be available same way as wayland in the wheel and in the events missions

I was just going off the leaked pic that said collect monkey plushies (something like that, it was blurry) via premier recruits and exchange for new legendary… who knows till we know, no one, not even Scopely

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