Can’t play after 2 years


Have played since the beginning. Now I can’t play almost 3 weeks now. New update isn’t compatible to my phone. Aggravating


Lol I have spent over 10k since the game started.




Lol oh I know. And then came 6* and I stopped spending lol


Just spitballing but you could find and download the previous version on the game. Try Aptoid.


Thanks I’ll try it


That sucks if i was your shoes I would get a new phone that’s compatible with the new update as I don’t know how much help you’ll get from scopely. With that much time and money invested may as well get the new phone to keep playing. Sucks but better than losing all that time and money unless you’re ready to stop playing or close to it. Sorry. :pensive:


If you can’t download the update from the play store you should still be able to sideload it. I had to do the same with a previous update on my s7 edge.

Download the apk for the latest version from aptoid and try to install that, installing the previous version won’t work as the latest is now a forced update.


What kind of phone?


If you can afford to waste $10K on this game, you should be able to get a new device.


Previous versions won’t work


As long as it never fully installed it could possibly work.
Amanda any update on if it worked


You basically have 4 options. If you want to keep playing the game, option 1 is to get support to sort this for you. Option 2 is trying to load an earlier version, but eventually you will have to update. If you are ok with possibly not being able to play anymore, pm me for the other 2 options. Spelling them out here is most likely a ban hammer for me.


You made the right decision. Don’t reinstall the game and play or do something else productive. That’s a sign to end your addiction and do something better with your life.


But a total r e f u n d would be better


Hi Amanda, I know buying a new device sounds unfair but considering how long you been playing its your best option. I know most people use smartphones but an alternative. Walmarts sells an Android Tablet, it’s an RCA Viking and Galileo, range from $59 - $129.

I just ordered a 2017 Galileo Pro 32G w/quad core on Amazon for $120 few weeks ago. It comes with detachable keyboard also, works great and I keep it plugged in most time playing at home. I use it like a mini laptop and did not setup phone service on it either. LINE works great, TWD works great, and I don’t squint to read chat or play game.

Good luck and don’t give up :slight_smile:


Scopely this person spent 10k…just give them a new phone


right, what is a better investement? you spend 0,5k and get 10k back…