Can t join my faction

Hi There,

I was kicked from my faction yesterday and now I can t go back to it. When I have accepted the invite, the faction was full and now the leader can’t resent me the invite because it says that it was already invited.
I can t access to the faction with join button because of the fact they used the kicked button.

Any ideas?

Have the lead or coleads change the status to open till you are in.


Already tried but not working because I was kicked instead of me leaving the faction. I m stuck…

I tried to join another faction and get back but not working to.

I wouldn’t recommend this but you can also try to get in using your code.

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join another faction and leave and then try and join it should work

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Why do you want back into a faction that kicked you?

People can be kicked for reasons which would see them return quickly.

For example, I am busy at the weekend for a war. I tell my faction to kick me if they get a replacement, but that I can score a handful of points which is better than an empty space.


Create a faction, disband it, join back to yours

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i tried all these and still can t join my fac. @JB.Scopely. Un peu d aide merci

A faction mate of my has the same issue. Kicked him for fun, now he can’t get back in no matter what we do:S already asking help at support…getting the response ‘please ask your leader to send you an invite’ aint very helpfull though…lol

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Have one of them talk in GC. Click on their faction logo and the join button or request entry should be availble.

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It s available but it said that you can’t join because I was kicked. If I knew this, I would have said to wait until a leave the faction instead of asking him to kick me out.

Only @JB.Scopely or others of his teammates can help on this.

I have this message when I try to join. and my leaders can’t send me an invite because it says it was already sent.

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Never seen that.

Good luck Abu, if all else fails you can always come slum it up with us if you would like

It might have to do with them locking up stuff until they fix the skull token thing. Noticed some people saying they are getting stuck in tutorials too.

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@Shawn.Scopely anything you can do to help

I had this answers from support. wait and see.

I think his issue was before skullgate.

wait and see :slight_smile: