Can’t declare war!

Nobody in my region can declare war. What the heck is going on?


Matchmaking issues is not declare issues! I want to wait for 2hrs searching cuz then id get some effing points!


Same but just my faction, the other two crap factions suck Assvengers and TWD not The Walking Dead but Torgether Win Dude ?? Get it they so smart llol XD. Anyhow poor Aftermath and Housten region can only match against these clown factions XD:

Hello we can’t even get to the queing stage still stuck on Declare here:

and takes me back to declare screen not to quing…wtf Scopes get yur shit together

Same for us
Only our faction seemed to cant declare war

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They’re saying in the post that war is bugged as a whole

We can’t declare either And that compensation is a slap in the face on top of it

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I get that as well, as a player I’m stuck too -_-

We can war but it’s a 2 region CRW blitz

some factions in our region may declare war
but we cannot declare war
@GR.Scopely @TayTron

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we can’t declare war in Bank region too

We too in liberty…

@GR.Scopely @TayTron
Faction Survivers
we cannot declare war for 2 hours

This happened to a fac in my region for 2 wars, they had to kick or leave all members to fix the issue as scopely never did, they got the run around from support, etc. Just a heads up to those with this issue, it may be just this war but it may continue to other wars and crw is this weekend.

Cannot declare war in Wheeler either

The same jonhson


@GR.Scopely @TayTron
Faction Survivors
we cannot declare war for 3 hours

Faction Survivors
we cannot declare war for 4 hours

@TayTron @GR.Scopely