Can’t buy Diego even if you wanted to

What is this game? @JB.Scopely I couldn’t get Diego even if I wanted to? Is this working as intended?


I saw this too, very annoyed

I heard that if you buy all current offers and bags/crates with coins in the shop that another offer will pop up with 0% chance to get the stash tokens needed for diego and 100% chance of a note send right to your inbox from scopely that says, “keep surviving”


like the last hours of the level up when it would’ve been best to max him and use him, there’s no way to get him

Force close the game and reopen made the offers reappear for me.

Same here, cant buy him

Doesnt work for me. Do you have a screenshot ?

Just sad. Why can’t they get this right.

@JB.Scopely will you guys extend the time of the stash since offers have been broken nearly a third of the stash was available

I’ve tried this several times. It seems if you didn’t buy the first offer in the first 24 hours, you’re SOL, it won’t come back.

I did buy the first offer and I still cannot buy any more.

Just opened my game for the first time this morning and the 1.39 offer for 2 express tokens popped up

Still nothing for me. I’ve tried restarting my game and everything

Are you on android or ios?

I bought the first and then nothing. I contacted support and said… “hey you’re losing money bc ppl can’t buy offers for Diego.” Got a generic response that said to keep watching offers. Lame.

I’m on ios

The Diego Stash odds actually says that odds of getting the 5* ascendable are 0.0%…so I guess they are just being honest.

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its odd that scopely messed up something that puts money in their pocket. it’s usually the free stuff that’s glitched

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Lol wait 2 weeks and Scopely will gladly let you do 3-4 40 pulls for him on beginning of the week promo run.


Hopefully this stays this way lol, he’s way too overpowered.