Can´t ascend 5* psg


Hi guys, some one know what happens

all my 5* psg can´t ascend. the button to ascend is off. I only ascend psg with gold star…
i have at moment 8 psg 5* that i cant ascendt

Clementine (blue)
Rosita (red)
Ivanova (blue)
Konrad (red - shield)
Michone (yellow shield)
Carl (blue)
Venon (red)
Darlene (green)
Abraham (blue revive)
Lopez (red)


Only certain ones are actually ascendable , they need to have an orange star symbol next to their name

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The ones you listed cannot be ascended.


the orange star that you speak is the 6*, that after you ascend you give the same psg but lendary… no?


Hi Opie… do you know why?

the game now only allows ascend 5* with a gold star?

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Not every 5* can be ascended. If the five star has an orange star next to the 5 stars it can be ascended. If it doesn’t it can’t.


They do not have a 6 star version of those toons. Not every 5 star has a 6 star.

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In this screen shot only the toons with an orange star have had a 6 star version made so they can be ascended. The ones without the orange star cannot be ascended until they decide to make a 6 star for them and there is no guarantee or timeline for that to happen.

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but htis is now? beacuse in past, the orange star garantee the same psg in ascendent,
I remember that when i ascend a psg 5* there is not garantee that come the same psg
like in your image, TRIPP psg in the past with you ascend this, comes another blue psg landary.


Perhaps it’s having the same character name used more than once that is causing the confusion Lots of the characters listed in your post have both an ascendable and non ascendable version…

So Red Rosita Road to Survival #3 cannot be ascended
But Red Rosita Road to Survival #4 can be ascended

You may be better getting someone who can explain better in your own language.


No. What you are talking about is only for 4*. Any 4* you ascend has a chance to turn into any toon out of a set group of that same color. 5* have NEVER had a chance to turn into a random 6*.


Not all 5 stars have 6 star versions, they are slowly being released.

Most of them don’t have any plans of a 6 star version anytime soon.

When you ascend a character with a gold star, it does ascend to the same character but 6 star version.

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