Can someone post a pic of a blue weapon that fires twice?

I have literally tried crafting a blue weapon that fires twice (special ability…slayer level 3) fifty times in a row with no success.

Each of those times I have had all the crafting territories and have used the duct tape and whatever for increased chance of success each and every time.

Every attempt has ended in either some sort of weak bleeding characteristic or else some “more crit when enemy hp are above or below some number” type characteristic.

I am starting to believe that either the crafting table I am using is just flat out wrong or outdated or that a blue weapon that fires twice just doesn’t exist. Can someone post a pic of one that they crafted so I know whether I am just wasting my time? Thanks.

Keep trying. Sounds like you’re picking Slayer 3 so that’s the right one.

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This was from the choose your side event, it came with 2x attack already in the 3rd slot. You just gotta keep at it with Earl. It took me over 60 tries to get my first stun gun.

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Every fail is one fail closer to a success…


Ha! Ok…thanks guys…I’m a believer again!

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Only weapon i didn’t get from crafting is 20 %ap I trying for it from andrea 5* days to now no hope

Keep trying!!! We believe in you!!

I realize this is not what you are looking for, just wanted to flex :muscle:


I’ve found I have more luck if I just use dt pk and only the crit success areas I haven’t got one successful 3rd slot with all 4

Why not just give her attack, to make her basic attacks and rush stronger? Her base defense is decent enough that she doesn’t need a Def on Attack mod.

Try to change weapon, some are lucky other not.

IF she ever gets to t4, I want to “try” her on defense and imo, blues don’t last past round 1. If it doesn’t work, no worries, I can start over.

But its a pretty weapon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

On defense? Why not on an anti-ranged team? I mean she’d have to be behind a shield or she’ll be a big window. If that’s the route you wanna go, good luck. :slight_smile:

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I wish that it was only 60 for me…


here you go buddy…


If the lack of successful weapon’s have you down, just know mine have been going 24\7 pretty much from the day armory got introduced and I only have 6 weapons that are 400+, only 3 stun (on weapons that all other options failed\suck), 1 revive on Shiva, and 1 absolute defence. So I have hundreds of failed\not the outcome worthwhile.

I had to get in on this too

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