Can someone please explain this to me?

Edgefield is full of serious cool people. This is my first online game ever and region. In fact I found I like the game so much because of the people. But we were given keys months ago. But our region hasn’t opened up yet. Meaning it gives our region no choice but to die. Luckily most of cool folks have stuck around waiting for it to open, but some people are trickling out. It appears that Scopely wants our region to die.

Now don’t get your hopes up, expect disappointment when they make an announcement that doesn’t help your situation.

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Baseline time range for a new region to open for transfers is one year & may compromise 10 months age depending on average growth of region in regards to team strength.

We’ve been open for just over a year I’ve beentold by some, well over a year I am told by some

It still makes zero sense to let us leave for many months now but not open us up. It has no choice but to dwindle

And the more it dwindles the more people want to leave

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