Can someone please explain Destruction Universal Crit 2 to me?

Come someone please explain the Destruction Universal Crit 2?

“Universal Crit 2 - When Attacking, increase Attack by 200% of this character’s Crit stat”

I tried this weapon (below) on a toon with no crit chance mod and recorded the damage it did on normal hits and crit. I then put a +31 crit chance mod on the toon and attacked again. Pretty much no difference. At all. What is this slot supposed to do? I’m wondering if it’s broken.

Should it be adding 62% damage? Clearly it is not. If it did, would that be in addition to the 30% atk already on the weapon. Or should it be adding a flat 31*2 = 62 damage? That would be ridiculous as mods and atk mod set can add 1100+ attack.

Anyone know how this is supposed to work and whether or not it’s broken? Made a video because the weapon isn’t very good but should be better

200% is based off crit Chance. Toons have base stat 10 crit Chance. So 200% is 20 extra damage - ridiculously small

Thanks once again for making an awesome video explaining yet another poorly documented feature.

This is absolute garbage. I can’t believe this is what they intended. With all the ridiculously OP weapon effects they added, who thought that adding 120 damage (for 60 crit chance) was a good idea? Like I said, mods can add over 1100 damage. Perhaps this is real damage not mitigated by defense, etc? Wouldn’t matter. Still a joke.

I sense a reset coming in my future… lol which probably means they’ll change it to make it completely OP after I reset it.

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Np I saw a lot of posts about this weapon and decided to talk and share about it. 1000% as mentioned in my video makes more sense. Not overpowered as 50 crit Chance == 500 which isn’t that op.

most of the 5* specials are bugged. Scopely is planning a fix today (per their blog)

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