Can someone make a REAL Tier list?


Instead of making a list for the sake of just making a list would anyone like to make a proper list? Using Attack, HP, and defense stats. Including if they are P2W or F2P toons. Instead of using how we feel about a toon or if a toon is “old” or “not used often” we should be ranking toons with no bias or preconceived notion.


Attack, def and HP stats don’t really tell you very much about how good a character is. Unless you have data on character win rates, I think you’ll have a hard time objectively ranking all the characters.


Yeah… Instead of using raw stats, you’d have to do the same opinionated and debatable list that Clem did, but also explain your reasoning behind the rankings. The fault I saw with the list made was that a lot of the placings seemed somewhat random and didn’t have anything behind them.


Is your post sarcasm? Because the quoted line above is literally the preconceived notion you seem to be arguing so much against…


What are you even talking about? including how a character can be obtained its crucial, knowing the best f2p and the worst p2w toons will help everyone out


You talked about having a database of characters which is “ranking toons with no bias or preconceived notion.” The concept of defining a character as “P2W” or “F2P” is exactly that kind of bias or preconceived notion you are seeking to avoid.

Let’s take an example - Magna. She’s been a promo toon mostly so is she a “P2W” charcter? She’s certainly highly owned amongst those who are funding the Scopely pension. Yet she is in the 3rd Year Anniversary wheel, which can be easily pulled from without spending at all - one of my faction mates did just this. So hang on, that means you have a “P2W” character than can be obtained by a “F2P” player. Similarly, what about a player who describes themselves as “F2P” who watches videos and then pulls her off a single - so maybe she is “F2P” after all?

I’m not necessarily saying the idea of ranking toons objectively is a bad idea - although actually it kind of is because there are some very useless toons who have high total stats (Lee, as one example). The main purpose of my response what that I’m saying use of the binary, and oversimplified terms “F2P” and “P2W” to describe characters is a bad idea, not least because they are subjective categories and you are calling for objectivity.


Im not talking about using F2P or P2W as a way to define a character. Im talking about a notation or a symbol to indicate how characters can be obtained. The fact that wheel changes and promos happen mean this database would have to be live and active. This way people who see the list can easily tell what method certain characters can be obtained. One character may be free now but no free later.


I agree that it would be sensible to define the sources of obtaining a character, such as premier recruits wheel, one-off events or tokens etc.

That is still not the same as F2P or P2W definitions for characters, but that doesn’t really matter.


Stats are not too relevant in this game. If that was the case, fast Barker would be a great character and Magna a mediocre one. The tier list should rank the characters based on their potential to win or defend assaults and that’s what the OP tried to do.

The strength of a character is also very subjective, because it can vary depending on the other characters or can have a niche use in which it is very good, without necessarily being a useful character for all players or in all setups.


That’s relevant. The info can be easily obtained here:

This could be added to the spreadsheet.


Try asking Dark Knight for a copy of the stats, should be pretty easy to export.


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