Can someone help me?

Can anyone tell me if it is true that I read on the internet that Alicia 5 * would win a legendary version?

Maybe in 2020 when theyre finally done shitting out revive toons.

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Doubt it and if she did it will be sub par at best, they have given up caring for this game and leave bugs in and drop op toon after op toon, this game makes the money for other games like star trek and looney toons. They can have a broken game with crashing, etc and just bring out a shiny new toy for people to spend on

The current list did not have her name written in it the last time I saw it. So I would say not at this time.

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Hopefully they pull the plug on the game and move fully to star trek and looney toons, id like my life back lol

soon in 2069 year

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