Can someone hello me get m'y account back

Hi so recently my device broke and i got a new one but i cant sign back in To my account form walking dead road To surveval can someone help me?

That’s what I’m trying atm, trying to recover my account i lost 2 months or so back.
I have two receipts, but support isn’t helping much.
i don’t have my account code, and i cant really remember my team.

Yeah same here i didnt even linker my account To Facebook sont i thonier américain doomed

I have zero clue what that means, but I’d assume my receipts, account name, and region would be enough.

Sorry i ment To say so ami doomed

I know right why do we need To remembre our fractions?

Fractions are important in life


If you can’t get to the support in game because of this issue, you can open a ticket via the web at . If you can get into the game to open a ticket, go through customer support in the game and open it from the device you want the account transferred onto. If you know in game name, region, and level and have receipts to prove ownership, they should be able to transfer the account to your new device.

lady, i’ve done the receipts thing and support doesnt seem to realize lol

I know that cause i aready tryed that To

Unfortunately,there’s not much we can do on the forums, support are the only people who can transfer the account.

They asked crazier question to that like items I did once took a day and funny messed out part is my account was on a other device and had all info to counter them