Can someone explain Walker Hordes to me?

I’ve never actually played while Hordes were active as I’m only actually two months into the game.

Is anyone able to explain the mode, how it
Plays etc.

I see it gets a lot of hate but a new mode actually majorly interests me

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You controll the walkers instead of the toons.
You need to collect cards for the good walkers and every new time get new cards
Get flawless win and get points

Hordes is ok but rng is massive and what works this event you may not get next one. That makes it good and bad as you have to try new things but if you are in high league may be frustrating.

You can also look for videos on you tube

I feel like I need to throw a few «actually » in here in case you can’t actually understand without seeing the word actually actually.

Actually, Walker hordes is actually like plants v zombies with silly amounts of actual rng thrown in. You actually put your zombies actually won from actual Walker horde cards into an actual battle against someone’s actual defence team they’ve actually taken the time to actually set. The actual cards you get depends on the actual rng mechanics in the actual game.

At the end of the actual battle, you actually either win or lose. You actually win if you’ve actually killed the actual defence team either in full or in part. You actually lose if their actual defence was actually flawless.

The actual rewards are actually really generous (actually I don’t actually know what actual rewards for the actual faction hordes event will actually be though). I actually run out of actual storage actually very quickly.

Actually, I actually think i’ve Actually surpassed how many actual times I actually thought I could actually slip actually in to my actual explanation. I think i’ve used my lifelong quota of the word up now. Thank goodness.

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And cant wait to face sclass with hordes it is shaping up to be a disaster

No need to act a ■■■■ is there?

Surely you mean actually act as an a***???

And you’re most welcome for the explanation btw.

So when you first start go and set your defence first. These toons will be used to defend you against the walkers of another player. Keep in mind certain effects will not work - you can’t confuse / taunt walkers or impair them so those abilities aren’t useful. Read up on the different cards you get and practice against your own defence to understand how different cards work.

There’s a luck component to it with the cards that you get / draw and then strategy component on how you use cards. It’s similar to raids where you utilise different toons/walkers to take down strong enemies. Some walkers can burn, decapitate, abs d etc. You also have some command cards that can be used to do special abilities. Experiment to find a strategy that works for you. Before fighting someone you can see what their defence is composed of. Toons, weapons (mods I think too) and turrets / physical obstructions.

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sorry i cant explain what it is, because there is no more walker hordes event. am i right ?

Think we have one starting on Wednesday. Hopefully it has some actual good rewards

Walker Hordes is great if you are starting out! Use all of your free energies, you will get a mountain of materials for upgrading your town, and every time you win, you get a chance of getting Elite weapon, and elite Character tokens, as well as a huge stack of basic tokens.

The actual play is a bit upsie daisy to start, it’s a bit weird at first - You open the hordes page and you get cards, each card represents a different walker, or ability for you to use, as the event goes on you get more cards, as they are on a timer, and also by hitting achievements, there may also be a roadmap available where you can earn horde tokens that speed up the timers.

Set your defence - you can select obstacles and towers to go with you 5 toons, - when setting defence there is a lot of stratiges you can use - I personally prefer to use Damage dealers, that can do area damage. - Green Amber etc.

On attack you get to place x amount of Walkers per turn - slap them down and watch them go! - If you are in Silver or Gold Leauge, you will walk over the defences 9/10, set back and collect the swag :slight_smile:

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