Can Someone Explain this to me? CRW scores

Someone please explain to me how this is possible. I am in Immortal Elites as you could have guessed. As you can see from the scores, we have more wins than the team leading in this Cross Region War, we’ve beat them more times than they’ve beaten us, and we pretty much have fought the same number of battles, so how are we 200k+ points behind them? We’ve beat them 4 more times since I took this screenshot and we’re still 200k behind. Someone please let me know how they’re stacking points so quickly but not fighting more battles, everyone in these 4 regions is confused…except the Wolf Pack of course. Kind of sucks we’re going to get scammed out of the first place prize even though we’ve earned it and we’re the better faction. Wish I knew why

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You have 37 total wars. They have 38. Even though they’ve lost more they still put up more points. They’re most likely getting into big coining battles.

Edit: Say I got into an hour long coining battle and lost while you got into a 15 minute match where you demolished the opposing faction and won. I still end up with more points than you.


This does not look off at all. Can be what some suggested getting into longer higher scoring matches. There are also ways to maximize points which they may be doing.

Also could be killing cleaner with everyone alive that nets a lot more points.


With who? the other 2 top factions didn’t coin with us, only they did. No way they scored 200k+ in a single battle, not this crw

only 2 factions fighting and coining hard is us and them

As Kat said there are other ways to maximize points that are totally legitimate. Nothing looks odd in this pic. See similar situations all the time.

Exactly, with a 1 or 2 tank dogpile strategy, 5 to 10k more points per battle is pretty easy.
So if they have 34 wins that’s pretty clear right there

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It appears you guys are not attacking to maximize points. What is your attack plan?

Edit: NVM. Someone explained how you get more points for a dogpile.

Here’s the benchmark we use.
Number of points gained assuming no repairs.

If you are hitting 45k plus per battle then you’re on the right track

It’s really pretty simple, the matches they have had, they have scored my points, then you did in all your matches. Their is nothing “off” here but you sure seem salty because you’re not winning.


I saw some Screenshots already with 150k - 140k wars so… it is possible if some wars already ends with 25k - ?(0)

Did you get stuck in some long matches low scoring. Meanwhile they get in a few long high scoring. Boom large spread. Happens.

Also if they are ensure everyone uses cans to maximize points, easily a few k more per war. Adds up.

Those coin wars are one thing but the op seems to saay that there’s nobody else getting into coin battles.

When opponents are plentiful we use speed kill , a formation designed to end battles in 5 minutes.

When games are not plentiful we try to milk every point out of each match we get. We use formation called command kill where leaders direct the others how to attack for maximum points.

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Very salty bro. You expect the best team to win is all. Meritocracy

what you say is true but we haven’t lost by 200k points in 2 losses

Griev from wp here,

Short answer: others coined against us.


You most likely have players that aren’t canning. People forget what a big difference that makes

We tried a different strategy than the one we used to beat yall 6 times. It didnt work, going back to what works. That screenshot doesn’t tell the full story

Kudos, same strategy we are using and have only spent 50 coins so far this whole war

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I always wanted to have a reserve dedicated to repairs since they made the change to what reserves could do.

Never had a war where it would have made a difference though :confused:

People are seriously scoring that much for 18k 5* obsolete tokens?:joy::v: