Can someone explain the epic weapon stat

When attacking increase attack by 200% of characters crit stat.

I’ve gotten numerous answers and was hoping someone had a good explanation

think that, you have a heyngien or something that is usefull with crit, with a weapon with +40 crit and a mod of crit +40 e.g

so… if your basic atack is 100 to an enemy, you will hit 100+((weapon)+(mod))*2=100+(40+40)*2=260

Its crap reset it

Your math is way off… there are other threads on this subject

Its not rigth that the excel say it? okey

The 200% is of your crit stat so in your case it would be 180 attack stat lol terrible. Reset it.

I’ve gone through other threads and many disagreements and weird explanations so that’s why I was looking for a different answer. I got it on a random weapon and have no need to reset it, I was searching for information if I proceed

40 in weapon and 40 in mod=80
the 200% of 80=160

The basic atack is 100

100+160… Maybe its not 260?

The 40 in the weapon and 40 crit mod.
That’s just the chances of it happening if I’m not mistaken, that’s why I’m confused

think that, in james for example, put critic mods set and mod that add % in atk if its crit hit
The weapon of james is more chance to crit and his specialist skill is prety good

50% of set or more (idk in platinum set) +50% of the % atk crit mod
maybe a 50 crit mod, so… without crit in weapon its +100 basic atack

normal atack+100%+100 atk sounds good to me

It is attack stat not multiplier. You need to read things carefully… so say you have 10k attack on priya you now have 10180 lol

You get a bonus to your attack stat based on how much crit you have, that attack stat buff is not by %, it’s a flat attack buff, so for example I have priya with 13000 atk, with this Upgrade and no other crit mods: 10 crit, she gains 20 more base attack, therefore, she will hit for 13,020 atk.

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Reset coming!
Thanks all

its obiously when is a crit hit, maybe I need to use apples for all of you?

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