Can someone explain me better how berserker works?


Specialist Skills:
Berserker Berserker -

  • Whenever this character takes damage, they gain +20% Attack for two turns, in addition to any existing Attack increases, including prior activations of this skill.
  • This bonus stacks multiplicatively with any other Attack altering statuses
  • Any source of damage (Bleed, Reflect damage Weapons, Confused teammates, Battle Items, Attacks, and Damaging Adrenaline Rushes), may all trigger this effect.

ok, I have 2 annas, and sometimes I’m getting 400% or 565% of damage bonus, the scopely explanation is that with every hit that you get you received 20% more but how is possible to get the buffs that I get? (i used to have an ss confirming the 565% bonus and the damaged that the AR caused, but I erased it.


By what I see, the damage bonuses last for two turns, in addition to any other attacking buffs. I have a feeling they carry over per damage since they are additional attack buffs so they may stack into high numbers like 565% or so like you have.


The bonuses compound. The first bonus you get 20% bonus (which is 1.2 times your attack). The second bonus doesn’t really add 20% to get you to 40%, it compounds: 1.2 * 1.2 = 1.44 or 44%. Let’s say your Anna gets hit 6 times in turn 1 (because the opponent has a double-tap shotgun). Her attack is buffed to 1.2 ^ 6, which is 2.98 or +198% after the first turn. Second turn she gets hit 5 times - now her bonus is 1.2 ^ 11, which is 7.43 or +643%


oh wow thanks, I get it now, otherwise would be impossible to reach the buff that i’m getting :smiley:


the buff its not showed in the ss but it was 565%

note: the anna was tier 1 in that raid, 'm thinking in the damage it would do to a Jesus shield :rofl:


Then throw in a Javier who can give 100% att buff on top of all that. Why I love Romanov , has destroyed two Erika’s with one heavy ar hit


of course with Javier would be an excellent killer team (i’m buying carl this week)

my future project team. sandy debuff 30% def in a area, jav debuff 2 characters 50% def per 2 turns and carl damaged to an area :sweat_smile:


Taunt flood? I think its very underrated. What do you think about it in pure ATT or DEF team? Not many ppl protect themselves from taunt. Only disadvantage I can think of is when you encounter team with stuns on attack :wink:

What are your opinions on double Romanovs or Anna’s teams? Would love to see @Wanderer comments on this. Thanks!


First picture is clickbait… I can’t play it like a video :confused:


Don’t take all that attacking power and make it impotent behind a Carl lead…


I tried to press play.


I agree it’s less often put on toons for resistance. Extremely useful on atk as a result. Coupled with berserker you can hit some awesome atk stats to level you opponent. Your in full control, so you can take full advantage of this combination.

On defense it really becomes situational as focus is often used to get around sheilds and by effect reduces likelihood of controlling your opponent. Weapons such as michonne confuse and Romanov taunt are extremely useful in this regard as they have a chance to apply before your opponents ability to raise a focus. Otherwise you really need to consider a command to speed them up and hope they are the one actually commanded. The other issue is your opponent is in control of the situation so they likely aren’t haphazardly being boosted.

Overall, I think I would rate control skills as stun > confuse > taunt and players use of taunt resist reflects this. Impair is somewhere in that mix around the effectiveness of confuse, only because actives are not effected and depends on the opponent.

I have not found berserkers highly effective on defense, however it is definitely a concern when you go in with a negative match up and you know Romanov is waiting to destroy your blues.

On offense slay away. Just make sure you build them to maximize and kill early and often.


Kind thanks to so detailed answer.


I think those 2 annas behind a carl leader is great for atk teams otherwise annas would die pretty quick. That team off course won’t be for defense


I wouldn’t run Carl as lead. Not having any attack boost from a leader skill will make your attacks last ages. You might win, but probably at three times the speed you would with a more attack minded leader. The beauty of a heavy attack team is that you can kill off a lot of the opposition before they can rush, and if they aren’t rushing, they probably aren’t doing much damage to your team.

What you actually want is that new Mirabelle in the seasons store. 40% attack to do the business, 40% HP to help protect.


Not to mention her 50% attack bonus for all teammates.


she is fun…and i got alot left to do for her


I just read this forum and had Anna drop during anniversary tokens but didn’t think much of her. I’m re-evaluating my melee attack team, i got lucky and got 6s Bruce with disarm last week, would this be a good start?


im running her with this team atm…descent success