Can someone clarify me this


Is this the 5* Eugene T1 or is this possibly 6* Eugene


5star tier 1


Maxed 5* Eugene, blue and red.


thats because the people that run this game. Don’t actually play this game. That’s why you see a non leader skill toon as the leader.


nah it’s just a lot of screen grabs for upcoming features are done on qa-only regions where a lot of raid teams and user accounts are just random autofills.


thought you guys fixed that so autofills take the strongest toon with a leader skill first then fill the rest. Was this picture taken before that update?


other accounts whose teams might get matched in raids aren’t all necessarily new fresh accounts though :wink:

and yea, I think the speed up button got done first before the autofill logic got fixed anyways.


are you the one we yell at when gear markers fail?