Can somebody post the current version code since the most recent update please?

Won’t download through Google Play, so for Google search for APK purposes. I can’t get into the game to find the code for myself. Thanks.

I do not have access to my android device right now. If it’s the same on iOS tell me where to look and I will get it for you.

Thank you :slight_smile: I have been able to find it now.

Clear your cache, then data.or Clear data of this website, as it takes up a lot of space. Might need to clear some other thing’s like un needed pictures & other stuff. Some apps & websites take up unnecessary space & need to be cleared.

Thanks, I already did all that though. I have only 24% used storage, 42.1GB free, Low 60% for RAM (since it fluctuates) with over 1GB of RAM free. It didn’t work, so I doubt it was a space issue. But I was able to find the APK and download it (the site had the date of publication down so I could confirm it was the correct one). Appreciate the reply though.

Ur Welcome

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