Can scopely please tell us why some regions have faction event while others do not?

This will be our third surprise faction event (just started a faction raid), with nothing in the calendar or indication of why it’s happening to some regions and not the others. Will we also get a faction level up mid week like last week, too? Please communicate with us!


what region you in?

Happening in Heard, last week we had a surprised faction lvl up and then a faction raid. Prizes didn’t get distributed until an hr after war so no one had time to move around.

Yeah kind of curious why this keeps happening. @kalishane

Your mistake is thinking they are doing this intentionally :joy: :yum:

I’d imagine it’s testing some undisclosed mechanics they are data mining. Don’t expect them to tell you what those are.

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I would much rather have a fac raid right now than all of this boring roadmap farming

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Wow that’s honestly some bs. Yall have 3 extra events that we didn’t get

I play in Heard as well. We’ve gotten last in every CFW to date. Maybe Scopely feels bad for us and is trying to give more opportunity to not do so poorly?

If yall were the only region getting them sure. But I saw multiple regions last week saying the got the fac level up and raid that we didn’t get

We are getting all surprise events in miller too. Why bother to release a calendar if it isnt going to be an accurate indicator :roll_eyes:

What are the prizes?

Milestones are trainers and food bags.

1st place is 5.5k 5* tokens and 10xbags with a trainer in each (benedicts, bradys etc) and foodbags.
2nd is 8bags, 3rd has 6bags etc etc and 5* tokens.

My pic wont load, sorry!

no worries same crap as previous fac events i assume, its a shame its not region specific but usnt game breaking as many are claming above

Am salty I can sure use more five star tokens to feed my fodder list

Cherry picking the biggest spenders if u ask me either that or it’s a conspiracy and I think scopely would have to look up a dictionary to figure out what a conspiracy is so I think it’s defo not the latter.

Lol no one said it was game breaking

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yeah, definitely not game breaking but still odd that it’s only happening to the same selected regions without any explanation.

@kalishane please give us anything, even taking it to the team? Will we get faction events all week next week, too? This is becoming more than just a fluke.

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Hi everyone. It’s the same explanation as before. I can tell you that it will only be for a bit longer.
This may happen from time to time. It is for us to observe and iterate on to use to improve.

That is fine but if these regions are getting extra gold nuggets due to these events they should be available for other regions who dont have these events. Last week other regions got an extra event. Scopely never cared about being fair for all parties but it should really try to be.