Can Scopely Delete an account, by the order of the user

I want to delete this game, but I can’t. my mind every time goes over the game. I am a f2p player, doesn’t spend money on this game. I this game a lot as if I can’t say in words. but sorry to say this my studies are going to a bad position, I mean it already went. Now I am so bad at studies I don’t want this to happen. Sorry, Scopely I tried to hack this game so that I will get banned, but it didn’t work. so now I am directly writing this in Scopely forums. I want to get my account deleted. please, Scopely I can’t see this game in my play store with my good account. I am definitely sure it’s my account. And I am sure I want to get my account deleted. Please, @JB.Scopely or @LadyGeek or anyone else react to this. please get my account deleted. This is my life issue. This tells My Future if am a good job person or becoming a guy playing all the time. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

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Easiest way… Sell everything to supply depot, and destroy your town.


Sell everything to depot and delete ur tear down your town.

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“You may choose to close your Account for any reason and at any time. If you choose to exercise this right, please inform Scopely that you wish to close your Account by either: (i) opening a help ticket directly in-game via the Help section for the applicable game and requesting that your Account be closed; or (ii) emailing and requesting that your Account be closed.”

Try this method as detailed in the Scopely Terms of Service. You may need additional help, though, because this won’t prevent you from accessing the game, it will only delete your account.


just nuke your account


Wtf this dude is begging to get banned even admitted hacking and people are catching bans on their new snowflake chat lmfao


Better give it to me :stuck_out_tongue:
Like to get good account than my current one.

You don’t need to do some silly shit (hacking) to get rid of your account.
It only annoys other players.

Just nuke your account and uninstall the game. You won’t go back, I promise you that… Nothing is worse than losing your progress.

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what were you thinking? people are hacking since the beginning, are reported and they arent being banned. this is not the way to go.

Just do what LadyGeek says and send a ticket. In the meantime, depot all your chars, disassemble all your weapons, sell all your mods.

I’ll take care of it for you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:pm me

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Go to cbt. Learn to imagine how you will feel if you play the game and visualise the consequences.

Because otherwise you will just find another game to replace this one and you haven’t really tackled the problem.

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Lol (complete sentence)

Just like, destroy your phone. Easiest way to never return



Please make video of smashing ur phone if u choose this route :slight_smile:

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