Can scopely change?

With the players counsel coming next month and new daily content coming… and a potential roadmap of how they are going to be better… (Despite at least 2 major event blowups since)

What will it take for you to trust Scopely enough to think RTS will have a future worth investing your time/money?


No, they cannot because like the old saying goes…

And I trust them about as much as my chances of survival when trapped in a room with this leopard.


They certainly can. If there’s a will…

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But what can they do that will make you think … “Okay, they get it… They’ve changed”

… besides not have all their events keep breaking horribly in new and creative ways (leaderskill, really?)


Listen to feedback and stay true to the specific promises they make. ( A promise can’t be ‘We promise a better experience’. Too broad) Straight away that’ll be an opposite course to Albert’s letter

Edit: I also don’t think an occurance of a bug is a disaster. Sometimes they happen, but how they communicate and properly compensate said bug is just as important


Short answer: NO


What Daily content? Never read of that in any post

Sorry… that should have read new mission (&SC) objectives.

do they want to do any change


is this a question or a statement? :roll_eyes:

No. with a bunch more characters.

Only way they will change is if they are forced to, only way they are forced to is if people stop spending. Even then we all know there will be a slow creep back to their old ways. Last time with Alberts statement the rewards went up but that didn’t last.


For me personally, I would believe they’re taking this seriously if they:

  • write another post outlining the ppl locked out for days during crw and announce their compensation (as this was a problem that occurred after their crw post they made last friday and as such does not apply) and this should be done by tomorrow.

  • address the lack of horde events during the pathways event, and how they’re planning on helping those unable to buy cans (not yet in gold league), or who because of the very nature of the horde event itself (rng cards, and incredibly tough defenses from the start unless ppl drop) cannot reach milestones. This could be done on Monday/Tuesday, but needs to be quick if they want us to succeed getting piper.

  • and finally, there are more reports of ppl getting locked out of game since hordes started. What is the issue here? Do they have a plan in place this weekend if this continues? I would like this addressed as well.


I think this might be made up.
Love Star trek but this game is nothing like it.
more like $100 in 8 light years

a bit of my point here this is written by the same rag that did repoting of players united

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Ahh got ya.
Was just talking to myself again
If I knew how to read things might go better :smile:

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They got to listen to their playerbase now since the Council is coming up. If they do not listen and cooperate with what the Council( since we are going to be the voice for players) says then for me, the Council is a joke. Players here have more ideas for RTS than them tbh.

the best way for it to have a impact is with this game and wwe and the star trek game to have discussions together

What are you saying here joe?

Yes, CHANGE for the worse.