Can Rocket Abe be added to the 5* tokens


Everyone knows that having Rocket Abe gives a massive advantage when taking and reclaiming towers in war.

You happened to give him one war to an entire faction in each region.

Just figured atleast throw him in 5* token wheel to give some people a chance at him. Its a severe disadvantage every war not having him. When there are whole factions with him.


I have him from that specific. And i agree to make him available to all, but i also think they should add erin :hugs:


“Sorry pal, but if you want Rocket Abraham, then you’re gonna have to either work hard to earn him from upcoming events, or try your hand at the Premier Recruit wheel. We simply cannot give out and put toons in the 5* wheel all because the player base suggested so, so keep on surviving, and hopefully you’ll get yourself one in the future.” - Todd Scopley LiveOps Executive Manager

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yes, right now the top faction of my region is the one that won abe cause it can always get the towers first.

Everyone got the same 6* team’s, but those who have abe get tower first and have a huge start advantage on wars.

Or maybe they should change the way towers were before. It was much better, whoever attacked it first got it.

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