Can only be obtained through the museum collections

Am I missing something here?
Does can only mean anything other than “can only be obtained through the museum collections?”


Technically this is an answer to a very specific question about ascension. The response of only in the museum collection is in reference to not being able to ascend into S class.


Scopely only lie .

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Seems to be very specific to Pete only - since Pete the only option atm is S class for 11K blue keys. We just had a pete wheel a little ago where the 5* and 6* could be obtained but those cannot be used to get s class pete


I think so… read the question again :+1:


Well now you can pull them fully cooked but otherwise you have to turn in a museum collection to get your 6*'s to turn into Sclass, that’s a turn in, not ascension so the answer is still valid.

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Those are all examples
What is said is “can only”

Will keep using this😂


That top bit was a blatant lie as well, its really been a slower release cadence :rofl:

every 2 weeks like clockwork smh

They broke this months ago. That Stoon that could only be received from a stash, but the first offender were Christa and James - you couldn’t get them in the museum, only in a choice box.

It was dash who said they would be sold.
Since him and foxsquat are now at wheel of fortune does that make everything they said null and void

Said fighters. Plural. Nice try though.

Neither Dash nor Foxtrot have been around for more than 2 years and we’re talking about a post from six months ago. Let’s not blame them for anything, now.


‘Only’ and ‘solely’ are modifiers that mean the same thing. HOWEVER, the placement of the modifier makes the two statements completely different.

Can be obtained solely from gameplay methods = There are multiple methods to get them. You can get them from other methods if you choose to, but you can also get them solely from gameplay.

Can only be obtained though the museums = The only way to obtain them is this one method.

So, you can keep using that screenshot, but it doesn’t actually say that the only way to get them is through gameplay.


But shirley wasnt from gameplay or museum
But get over it.
This is how the game evolve so new player always can be in top if they “spend”

Scopely is dumb for putting this like this on the forum but I think every player who’s played this game for a while expected them to eventually be in the wheel. I know I did.

I don’t mind them being in the wheel, but I do think they should update the amount of collectibles f2p are able to get since getting an S class toon is way easier at the moment with the S class and the 1,000 card drops.

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We still beating this dead horse the toothpaste is out of the tube if you think these posts will make them say “Damn they are right we lied” “Ok team remove the Sclass from the wheel we can’t have our integrity called into question” then you are sorely mistaken


Could be future ones though too. They shouldn’t use absolutes, but they do.

Read between the spaces, it says for f2p players only!

There’s a time limitation on keeping your word now?