Can not log into game at all


Since 9pm last night. My game keeps popping up and say no internet and won’t let me log in. My Wi-Fi and 4g is fine all other apps and internet work. . Any solutions please.


It’s widespread for beta users right now, unfortunately.


Any word on when it will be fixed
I’m not trying to get into beta just my regular account
This sucks it’s war weekend


Sorry, I haven’t seen any new information other than what was posted on the forums last night.


Cambie de region mientras reparaba en una guerra y al querer volver ami region me sale error de red y no puedo jugar


Got to ask why release an beta update now? Why not wait until monday… we go thru this evrytime you do this, you break war for a good % of your players… unfortunately I have about 7 beta players in my faction who are having this problem and now it’s hard to fill


Yeah it’s bullsh**. I just moved up to the top faction in my league and were 4rh now in crw. Luckily there understanding but not all faction s are like that


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