Can Maggie and John plz be made into 2nd generation 6 stars


What the title says… The game is moving on, with the new power creep is in effect it makes no sense for any new toons to not have the stat boost. This is a new feature that is being phased in by scopley development team (a meta for the meta) soo to make this event work and make these toon relevant it needs to be done. I understand free is free but in game events are meant to be exciting this doesn’t tick the boxes I’m afraid. I hope there can be a fix for this @JB.Scopely but even a response from yourself on the matter will end countless questions about it as I believe this will be more of an issue once most players actually finish the maps and get the final rewards. Let’s make this event great again plz.

And for argument sake Yes free is free but at the min the ‘free’ is more like getting something you don’t need & can’t use for example giving a man free lipstick or nail polish it’s of little or no use. (or giving a woman a nose hair trimmer or beard oil)


for example giving a man free lipstick or nail polish it’s of little or no use. (or giving a woman a nose hair trimmer or beard oil)

You need to come and work in my office for the day and you will find both bits of those statements are untrue.

I agree the toons could have been better though. Particularly John.


they are both very weak actually.

Guess we should wait for a while for something more fresh.

To be honest.

We need more Interesting Characters now with how many Revives
And full Tank Leaders exist…

This whole new format of top 50-150 is sort of annoying.
It feels like they just shortened the leaderboard
to make players who are used to top 100 work harder?

So annoying.


Not a big fan myself but scopley know no numbers in regions are dropping the new format gives the illusion of an actively, were for events before hand most hovered around the top 100 mark doing ass little as required for rewards. This will give a short term push to some players a sense of competition to waste resources. It’s the circle of money.


Can we Just stop with 2nd gen be4 it’s 2late?


It already is but watch the next sale


There is no stopping gen2’s as power creep is a core element of how this game functions. It’s designed this way to keep the whales spending otherwise the profits stop.

Also, there is no way in hell they are going to alter the stats on Maggie or John. They are free and both come with a very nice weapon. This is as good as it ever will be at this stage of the game when it comes to free events.


Exactly but there’s no harm asking live in hope also i though if jp would have made a statement or comment about it before shit storm thatl start next week when people get there hands on them toons and/or realise they have forgotten about necklaces for the other event running at the same time. Get ahead of it if u get me


If you want second gen 6* pull out ur debit cards. :joy:


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