Can legendaries PLEASE be able to be used in elite gear?


its so stupid they cant be


Yeah this needs to be fixed especially during a raid tournament


I thought this strange restriction was removed when they fixed the daily roadmap. But the fact is they fixed the daily roadmap ONLY. Surprise. Didn’t see that coming.


There is no need for them, you can easily clear the stages with a 4* team


again not the point are ppl thick headed on here?


if we cant use 6s on auto we should block 5s aswell.


Then why not restrict us to use 3s at most in daily roadmap? You can clear it with 3s and even 2s.

Becoz I want to clear it faster and easier. It takes 9 5s to ascend a single 6s and players can’t use it on grinding?


Yes just like survival road there are restrictions and requirements that must be filled. It’s not that hard there are enough characters to fill your teams


as @mobbie said some people struggle to understand the point here obviously. They are not complaining about that they can’t do it without 6 stars. We have a limited amount of team setups that can be saved everyone uses mix of 6 stars in those and don’t want to change it always just for some stupid restriction in ridicilious roadmap and use those 6 stars to finish off it faster.


You have 25 teams and not one of those teams can be all 5*s? This doesn’t make any sense at all, follow the rules, fit your teams within the restrictions and play the game. You don’t get to decide what rules you will follow and what ones you want to ignore for simplicity sake


I am sure we are talking about a regular roadmap, not survival road, or any persona roadmap.

And it’s annoying to add a team similar to my grinding team, but without 6s, just because of a restriction which serves no strategic purpose, unlike survival road and persona roadmap that are designed to challenge your roster variety, but obviously an oversight due to the addition of 6s, especially when team builder has a limit of 25 and most importantly teams are NOT SORTABLE, means if I already have 10 teams, I have to add a new one at the bottom and scroll down when needed or else I have to rebuild most of my teams just to change the order of teams, and still someone thinks it’s reasonable?

Phew. Do I have to say it again?


I’m all for fixing this for consistency sake, but there’s no justification why it’s more important during a raid tournament. You don’t have to use your defense teams to complete the gear maps in, so what’s the reasoning?


Yes. I don’t get to decide what rules there are. But I can tell if a rule is reasonable or not when I see one.

And I don’t think the regular gear map is to challenge our roster variety like survival road. It’s here just because scopely forgot to change it.

Look at other roadmaps. Which one of them doesn’t allow 6s? And which one of them needs a single 6s to complete?


Ya, please say it a few more times, nothing’s changed yet so keep at it :+1:

It must be the absolute end of the world to have a team without a 6stars in it. Maybe you will get lucky and 6stars will be able to participate in roadmaps for 6star gear but untill then this seems pretty fair. It is pretty simple to set up a grinding team without 6stars especially with camo and crit boost being popular among 5star characters.


No. Something has changed. Few weeks before, daily roadmaps were not allowing 6s. And then there was a post complaing about it. Scopely staff replied it. Then the restriction is gone. Simple like that.


just ignore the troll. This is a stupid restriction which causes nuisance and need to be fixed. Period.


See, they’re doing what they do to me when I make a thread like this. I want to use my 6*s too regardless. This needs fixed. Ignore the incomprehensible trolls.


With territories, scavanger missions, war tower team and ascendance it frees up more room being able to use 6* all around


I agree we should be able to use our 6* on gear maps as well as all other road maps, wouldn’t go as far as calling it a nuisance though, just means instead of using 6* Negan you replace him with 5* Eugene for example & the issue is permanently resolved.

If I had a choice of changing this or removing the storage full materials message, there would be one clear winner.


We were told in the last thread like this that it’s a coding issue. Not a restriction on purpose.