Can it is time we all so-same to fight?

Can it is time we all so-same to fight (Scopely all-would still nothing with this not make)?.. :thinking:

level 2 gens?

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Top 8 with 7 people, level 2 gens.

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…and only three people are fighting… :joy:

How is that fun? Three guys warring with alt baby accounts. Odd.

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They are clearly focused on the result. Not the process.

And having only 3 actual players in a whole faction means their fac rep is around 300k at best. Which equals to extremely weak opponents.


might not be alts. Might be genuine active players in a small fac. Not everyone spots they are better off leaving for a full faction or they might think a lil fac like that suits them cos they can sign up for war as and when.

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You get to stomp easy opponents all weekend and get rewarded handsomely for it. Plus, you get to feel smart that you figured out a way to exploit the system and grief other people. Starting to see it more and more. Looks like Scopely have decided this is acceptable, and it will just become the new norm soon.

@jkz305 I don’t think faction rep matters at all, only team grade.

@Jojo29 come on, look at the numbers. That’s not a small faction.


There still putting in the work to get there just a lot easier fights, kinda sucks thou


Should not be surprised. This was brought up, what… 3 or 4 wars ago? It is absolutely an exploit of game mechanics to get an unfair matchmaking. Scopely just Does Not Care.

War matchmaking has always been designed to feed lower level factions to higher ones, now these cheaters / Russians have figured out yet another way to game the game.

As if using V.K., emulators, straight up hacking the game is not enough… this straight up exploit is allowed to continue. GG


The very fact that this exploit exists shows that this is not true. C team grade players works because the system maps you to opponents with a similar average team grade, so if you lower yours by the maximum amount possible you only get matched against lower level opponents (or opponents playing the same strategy). Matching to opponents similar in strength is the exact opposite of feeding weaker to stronger factions.

It’s just that when the system stabilizes, team grade is not a good indicator of strength, and stronger factions are in the queue more often, that’s why it might appear that way. But the design is clearly the opposite-

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I usually agree with you, @DrJank, but here I have to stand by my statement.

That word Average is where lies the problem. Average team strength is a terrible way to do matchmaking. If it was intended to set up competitive battles then two grade s8 teams should be able to take out an s15 team which we know is ridiculous, or three 200 hp cars would win in a race against a 500 hp car.

Think most players have gone up against factions that have one super player that almost no one can beat, but just drags the war on. Matchmaking should take into account, at least to some extent, the grade of the highest players.

I know this is not perfect as not all team grades are created equal. A team of ftp Sclass is not the same as a team of ptw Sclass but allowing this exploit to continue is shameful.


I don’t disagree with anything you have written here. It’s a very exploitable system (and I wonder a bit why it has taken so long to make a splash like this - I assume it has to do with more 6v6 wars, meaning two players impact the average much more, and S-class leading to variation in team grades like this game has never seen). I think it’s also clear that this is an exploit, and Design did not intend that people use mulitple C-grade teams in order to get easier matches.

My point was much more narrow. You said that the intent of the system was to feed weaker to stronger factions. But if that was the goal, it would make no sense to match factions by average team grade, you would want to match highest and lowest team grades. The intent of the system was that factions on similar power levels primarily play against each other, even if it is inevitable that they will also play against much weaker and much stronger factions. It just fails at this goal, because the implementation is too exploitable.


Valid point.
On the surface, average team strength makes sense as part of the matchmaking. Unfortunately, by itself as you said, it is far to easy and open to exploit.


It sure is. Thats why top factions despite being very active meet each other not so often. Otherwise we would see active whales fighting ONLY against active whales.

Second thing, is that you are too focused on TEAM STRENGTH, average or whatever. Surely, matchmaking algorithm uses many more variables. Including rep, prestige, spending habbits and who knows what else.

This “exploit” is working since day one. Literally. And was brought to Scopelys attention dozen of times at least. Nothing was changed.

Even more so, remember that one time when they had supposedly changed/optimized the matchmacking? The “expoit” worked before and is working after.

Meaning, they don’t care. It may even increase their war revenues for all I know. By creating some additional competition and forcing spenders to spender even more to stay on top.
Talking about “original intent”…


I have not done systematic investigation of matchmaking (because it’s difficult to get data), but I’m quite convinced that for many other things (general, raid matchmaking, raid tournament scoring etc), team grade is either the only thing that matters, or has an absolutely outsized effect so that it is effectively the only thing that matters. Scopely really likes team grade for picking things, so I’d be quite surprized if war was different (In addition to the fact that everyone can test this out; I’ve seen huge differences in matching depending who is in the war party and what their team grade is).

In usual circumstances, whales don’t just fight other whales, because team grades are just not that different - it’s only been since the introduction of Stoons that we have seen such huge variation. Before, most active players were S9 or whatever and the difference was a plus or two here and there. Now we have the whole range from S10 to 17 being used.

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At the same time:

Your speed of changing opinions is just too fast)

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Highly selective quoting. And there is no contradiction.

You left out “in usual circumstances”, which was a huge part of my point.

And that was certainly the case - A full set of T4 Gen1 toons had all about the same team grade, similarly later a full set of Gen 2 toons. And that was something that not only whales had, within a few months. practically everyone was close (and if they weren’t, the differences were not that huge in terms of grade anyway, maybe a point or so?). If the top 80 CRW all have the same average team grade and that is the only thing that matters, of course the whales are going to match a lot of (in actual terms) weaker factions that have the same team grade.

The only circumstances where you had huge differences was when new or returning players were part of the war party, or very casual players/factions where most toons were still T1/T2 six stars, And those tended to match one another quite often, and rarely the very top unless no one else was queuing at all.

Now, we have huge diffferences in team grade across the community, which makes the system much more exploitable. As average team grade depends so much on the number of Stoons (and their tier and ring level etc.), matching is much more limited (remember a couple of wars ago when VV said they had a very hard time finding matches, because no one came close to their team grade?), and team grade manipulations presumably even more effective.

So yes, in usual circumstances (not directly after several resets), team grades are not very different across much of the active community, right now they are.

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