Can I get 5* blue Siddiq on Sale for a reasonable price? (e.g. like Green Carl/red Mira?)


I remembered the guy who never had the luck to get old green Michonne from the wheels aksing for a sale and her popping up just a few days later for a few bucks. So here I am asking politely if I/we can get 5* blue Siddiq on sale for a reasonable price. I never had the luck to get him from any wheels while others got him like half a dozen times and the 4* ascension just doesn’t spill him for me as well. I’m getting tired of leveling useless blue 4* toons just to get a marginal chance at having 5* blue Siddiq for my collection. He’s kinda outdated now anyways and the only source to get him seems to be 4* ascension. I really want to have my collection completed. Please make it happen and leave the RNG out of there. Thanks for you consideration in advance.


Yes pls! Still don’t have him been trying for him in the Ascension Tower but I got 6 Eric’s in a row, like 8 months prior to his ascendance. I’m sure now all I’d get is Siddiq or someone else since he’s a 6* now lol.


I wouldn’t mind having him added to the supply depot as an alternative. Characters there will pop up eventually. 4* Ascension just doesn’t cut it.


Keep trying. It’ll happen.

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Yeah, maybe get an Eric instead.

I already have Eric. Notice how i said something about collecting toons? Eric was accessible for years in the depot, no biggie to have him being a collector.


I got 2 from ascending 4*

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Some have all the luck, I have so many major gavins it’s not funny. I would put 5 on it.

Just keep acending 4* blue, you will get it eventually. Maybe you’ll even get Eric.

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lol he is not outdated at all infect he is the only ranged 6* commond probably the best commond

He’s free. He is available from 4s toons. That’s how I got my 2.

The person who made the thread mentioned this already.

I think when one person gets a character from ascendance, they think oh everyone can haz this… Not so. Rn G hates me. I’ve ascended countless blues for six and never received him. I tried from the bat for green neut Carl as well and never got him. It just became easier to pay the 5$. Some may say oh suspend 5$, how much do u spend at Starbucks for a cup of coffee, in energy drinks? Cigarettes if u smoke etc? I would totally pay 5$ for sid to not have to deal with ascension any more

Well technically speaking, everyone can indeed have him, or any other character from acendance, you just have to keep trying.

It’s the same as the f2p argument, everyone is f2p. Okay does not mean compete, everyone is able to try and ascend for sid, doesn t mean it’s guarentee d to get him.

It’s not necessary guaranteed but if you keep trying, you will likely eventually get him.

If they sold alpha for a reasonable price not gonna lie i would buy her…because tht 5* wheel just doesn’t like me😂

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