Can I do this to any combat mod?

See the one mod at 94%?
Is it possible to get any mod this high ?

I know for certain the highest a resist mod can go is 75% as a gold so not ANY mod.

Lower left slot is only one that can reach 100 if perfect

This shows the attack while impaired and the range a gold can hit


Why would anyone give attack for a support character?! :thinking:


Thank you!!

I was just thinking that lol… you want that Carl to LIVE!

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Was gonna bring that up but didn’t wanna judge.

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Idk if people dont know but that cael gives 40% attack and a huge bonus to ap when attacking to blues and yellows. Just cause he has revive and heals doesnt make him a defense toon. Personally id put attack set on him, i want this carl to kill, blue and yellow team im killing range teams. Maybe put a defense and hp mod but still attack set cause this is an attack toon. He doesnt help on defense behind erika or a lydia, another toon would be better in his spot for defense like idk, hershal, glenn, zeke, jesus or magna. Green carl is the defense one not blue carl everyone lol

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