Can I afford Daiyu?

I have 23k gold coins from a previous offer, my team is full green so I’m interested in but I don’t know if it’s enough to max her out, especially with the 6k cards thingy and futures gears?

Tell me, thanks

When you mean max, you mean to have her as class s?

You will have 2 daiyu with 20k or 1 if you are unlucky but far from have her as class s

Yes I need 2 of her + 6000 cards so I’m wondering if it’s enough, I don’t want to get struggle half way with no coin left you understand what I mean?

100 pulls will get you 1 of her (2x 8200 coins and 2x 2200 coins). if you are lucky you will get a 2nd in those 100 pulls. but i dont think there is any way you will get 6000 cards for the s class pull in those 100 pulls.

getting 2 and about 1000 cards seems doable, so you’d need to save red velvet cakes for when she becomes available throuigh those collections and the daily maps.

short answer: your coins wont guarantee the s class but don’t count on it.

I think I do understand, and once again I’ll pass… :frowning:

Thanks mate

I wound try 100% if the wheel was better, with Roadie for ex.

You wont get anywhere close.
I know someone who did 200 pulls, got the guaranteed one and 2k cards.
Go calculate.

You mean he got only one!?
I don’t know if the the count reset after the first hundred

It does not

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You get one on 100 guaranteed rest stands in the stars. While doing 200+ pulls he got 2k cards.

I spend 20k and have 2 daiyu and 531 card

Holy ****
They found a way to make people spend a lot more, 20k gold is a lot of $$ and should be at least guaranteed


I saved up Tapjoy coins, did 100 pulls for Aarav when he first launched. Got him twice (including the guaranteed one) and less than 900 cards. I am still 1,000 cards away from S-Classing him.

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I did the 100 for aarav only got the one guaranteed
My bucket has the bottom rusted out of it though

If u really unlucky u might get only single guaranteed toon after spending

You might get two but just like alot of us. You have wait for them to issue cards in events or cake muesum. They still have gave cards for Wanfang and hardly for Guo

Highly unlikely

No 20 k won’t get you an s class lol

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