Can Guardian 2 pop twice if Zeke is commanded?


Wondering if Zeke got a critical hit and then I commanded him, if he got another critical hit would he apply guardian to 2 more?


Doubtful, guardian 2 seems to let you put up 2 shields per round, so if you command him it’s still the same round. An easy way to tell is that if you can’t put up any more shields that turn his little guardian icon on his faceplate will be greyed out. Shouldn’t be too hard to test though.


I never knew that! Thanks!


If you command its technically the next turn, since the next turn any commanded toon misses that turn. So based on that I’d have to say it’s possible.


Nope u can´t.


It´s not the next Turn if u commend. The last character is just able to make an Extra Move (Autohit, AR etc.)


Yeah, and misses the next turn