Can drops. Where are they?

That’s great and all as long as you can last 5 minutes.

Breaking even, over 100k. Seen better, seen worse.

+10 since the beginning of this war.
8 regular attacks + 3 tower attacks per battle.
The drop is good’

Plenty of can drops. 100k+ points and +2 from what i started with.

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There is skill involved in getting cans. If you aren’t getting drops you need to be smarter with your cans.
The more cans you use, the more likely you are to get drops. I’ve scored almost 400k this weekend and I’m. Up to 140 cans. Have never purchased a can in 2 years of playing.


Almost at 100k, down 8 cans

At 240k, -12 cans

322k +21 cans. Had some hot streaks and some cold ones. Can’t complain. About an hour left.

edit : final
348 +22 cans. Burned a lot in the last one but they kept dropping.

Hope everyone had a great crw!

Rotating general helps keep the stash up… I was plus 16 and don’t really want to write my score on here lol.

Final score 265k, +19 cans. Personal view, when I’m on for a few wars in a row and I’ve been using cans, they drop.

down 30+ cans this war, even my second account is down 15 cans …

oh well early retirement n the sun … is it setting yet?