Can drops. Where are they?

What’s with the awful can drops? Haven’t had a single one yet…


I’ve been doing okay with them. Haven’t noticed a shortage personally.


I’ve been getting a few to drop each war, seems alright to me personally.

Plus 5 after about 80000 points so far

I’m plus 1 and nearly at 100k milestone

50k not one drop

And no refills left.

Well that’s a way to stop someone from playing.

10 points to Slytherin


The faster u kill the better chance u get a can. I usually get cans vs easier teams… high facs top 3 have lower can drop rate imho cuz ur always fighting oher tops facs draggin fights out… slower kills less can drops… as per my observarions

Edit:… want more cans? Join a lower but active fac and be their beast… ur cans will go up.

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65k and I’m down 13. Total nonsense.

I guess you meant not being fact? IE the definition of an opinion.

I‘m doing ok. No idea why it differs.

I seem to get dropped periodically.
What I’m really wondering is is what happened to the fourth star drops just in normal farming maybe one drop in a month and a half now for me
Negan’s light-duty Club

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Pretty bad drops for most in my faction as well. Got over 200K points and I am down by 15 cans :frowning:

Can anyone of the devs @CombatDevIl @CombatMan @Agrajag confirm or dismiss that?

Does battleing with a drop leader make a difference I wonder?

+6 cans for me and 125k+ points.
Many time i got 3 cans in a war.
No drop leader when fighting in war.

Down 20 easily. Fk this game…

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hmmm, I get cans

I’m actually up in cans so far.


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Bad luck I guess. I have had a bunch of drops. My personal score is around 150k and I’m 6 or so down. And that’s only because my faction is asleep so had to put up 30k in my last war to win as half were bodies only.